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Sales Bluebird

Sales Bluebird

Sales Bluebird shares proven strategies to help cybersecurity startups get more leads, more customers, and optimize their marketing and sales processes.

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Recent Episodes

January 26, 2023

184: One way to maximize a first meeting

First meetings are hard to get so it is crucial we maximize them! One way we often let ourselves down is by not getting a good understanding of why our prospect wants to put resources and money into working on the problem we ...

January 24, 2023

183: How to take on the 800lb gorilla with Russell McGuire and Ben White from Ironscales

Ironscales has grown remarkably since its founding in 2014 (they have 7,000 customers!). After years of success in the mid-market, it is now taking on the dominant player in the enterprise segment. This is not easy to do!!!...

January 19, 2023

182: Being “me” focused during sales calls is slowly killing our connection with prospects

Talking about ourselves too often is a scourge of cyber security sales teams and their output in cyber security. It is slowly killing the connection they are trying to make with their prospects. In this episode learn: Why it...

January 17, 2023

181: How to use a company podcast to get more exposure with Lindsay Tjepkema of Casted

You know how you wish more people knew about your company and products, but they don’t?! One way to fix this is to start a podcast for your company. But it can seem so daunting. Where do you start? Lindsay Tjepkema, co-foun...

January 10, 2023

180: Learn how an SMB sales team is being successful with Brian Penney, VP of Sales at Blumira

Blumira is targeting an underserved part of the market; SMBs. Brian, the VP of Sales at Blumira, joins us to discuss how he is successfully running the sales team and growing revenue. His background is in Enterprise selling ...

December 15, 2022

179: 13 sales mistakes founders make

Cybersecurity company founders rarely have much experience selling and are suddenly asked to pick up this skill without any training in a high-stakes environment. They don’t want to waste valuable time with prospects! In thi...

December 13, 2022

178 - How to be valuable on a sales call with Amanda Carvahlo, Sales Director at Gytpol

Sellers are often told to prepare for the first call with a prospect, but rarely are they taught how to do it properly. Amanda Carvalho has been doing in-depth prep for her calls for years, focusing on the value she and her s...

December 08, 2022

177: How to think bigger, bolder and clearer when differentiating

Security leaders believe that many security products are pretty much the same. They do the demos, listen to the pitch deck, and watch the videos, and often their conclusion is, "meh, pretty much like these other guys." In th...

December 06, 2022

176: Corey White, CEO @ Cyvatar: how to create a compelling cybersecurity product for SMBs

Many cybersecurity companies skip over SMBs as a target market. But that's NOT what Corey White did when he founded Cyvatar. He took everything he learned from being in the business for over 20 years to create a compelling ...

November 17, 2022

175: Marketing messaging is not sales messaging

Too often companies spend a lot of time and resources on figuring out how to describe what they do on their website. The straplines, tag lines, and cute sayings. That may work for websites and email blasts but it doesn’t wo...

November 15, 2022

174: How to make sure you are paid with Dan Goodman, CEO of TruCommish

Comp plans can be so complex these days, it is nuts!! Often it is hard to work out exactly what you WILL be paid on a deal and what you HAVE been paid. In this episode learn: The mission Dan Goodman is on to help reps get pa...

November 10, 2022

173: Increase your close rate by working with mobilizers and innovators (and who these people are!)

It takes someone special to buy from an early startup. There are at least 55 reasons why a person and a company shouldn’t take the risk! But many do because they have innovators and mobilizers. In this episode, learn: What ar...