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Unlocking Data Protection with Paul Lewis, CEO of Calamu

Paul Lewis is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and founder dedicated to creating solutions to better protect data. As the CEO of Calamu, he is pioneering a novel way to approach data protection. His diverse experiences have laid the foundation for his success, including interning with AT&T, founding six companies, and selling two. He's passionate about turning the tables on the bad guys and making the cyber world safer. Paul's story is an inspiring one for any aspiring entrepreneur or founder.

"I always believed in the mission. I always believed in the outcome. I'm 100% committed to solving this problem and trying to make the cyber world safer, which is desperately needed."

In this video, you will learn the following:
1. How Calamu protects data in a way that no other product can
2. The difference between protecting systems and protecting data
3. How to balance starting a business to solve a problem and making a profit