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Michelle Torrey-Teunissen: paying out on channel deals

When Michelle Torrey-Teunissen, CRO @ 6clicks, joined the company, she found the company was very knowledgeable about the advisory space and so brought in a channel manager, developed a security sales channel program and put all of the foundational pieces in place to really embrace the channel.
And she even furthered that this fiscal year with 6click's compensation model. All of their sales reps now have an uplift in their compensation if they run deals through the channel.

"So for us, that's a way to put our money where our mouth is and it's a little bit more expensive to run a deal that way because you're paying both partner and the sales rep more commission, but it's the right thing to do when you're clamoring for mindshare among the channel. And they, they don't get leads like a manufacturer gets leads actually. And so bringing a channel partner a deal is like gold for them. So it puts you in a nice position to ask for reciprocity as well." Michelle Torrey-Tuenissen