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From Painkiller to Product: How NetRise Targets Device Manufacturers and End Users

On this episode of Sales Bluebird, we hear from the Tom Pace, co-founder of NetRise, a company that provides visibility into device firmware to help make informed decisions on potential risks. The speaker shares insights on targeted outreach, utilizing networks and introductions, and evangelizing the problem they solve. Tom also discusses the importance of being different, both in approach and marketing tactics.

Listen in to learn more about Netrise and the importance of bold and different approaches in the cybersecurity market.

[00:04:41] Leaving a Big Company to Pursue Freedom.

[00:07:25] "Unique co-founder duo builds incident response platform"

[00:09:21] "The Power of a Support System: Achieving Success"

[00:14:33] "Automated Firmware Analysis to Revolutionize Device Security"

[00:18:15] Platform Targets Device Manufacturers and End Users

[00:19:46] "Streamline Device Vulnerability Management for Log4J"

[00:28:41] "Operational Communication and Immersion: Sales Insights"

[00:31:58] "Navigating Pressure: Making the Right Business Decisions"

[00:33:40] "The Tricky Go-To Market in Cybersecurity Industry"

[00:43:25] "Cybersecurity Marketing: Why Traditional Methods Don't Work"

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