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Interview prep for CROs: topics, sample questions and audio quality

I'm looking forward to talking with you!
My goal: is to drive a conversation you are proud of and that you want to share with colleagues, friends, family, potential employees, and future partners. 
Audience: Founders, leaders, and go-to-market teams at cybersecurity companies
Length: the interview will last 30-40 minutes.  We have a 60-minute slot to give time to chat at the beginning and end.
Format: the primary format is an audio podcast.  We may use video snippets on YouTube and to promote the episode.
We will cover three general areas:
  1. You. I'll ask you 3 simple questions. This is straightforward and gets our conversation flowing.
  2. Your company. What problems do you solve? For whom? How are you differentiated? What's the big innovation? What impact do you have on your customers? What's next?
  3. How you think about sales. What roles do you hire for now and why? What routes to market are you using, and why? Where did you stumble? How did you/will you build the playbook for the sellers? The hardest thing for your sales team right now? How do you differentiate? How do you get noticed by security leaders?  Differences between selling at a startup vs an established company? What's your compensation philosophy?  Should SDR/BDR report into sales or marketing? What do you look for when hiring sellers?

Also: if there is a specific topic you want to cover, let me know when we first get on the call.

To make this a great interview:
  • Be ready with stories, anecdotes, and learnings others might be surprised by. I'll be looking for these things during our chat. Above all else, these will engage the audience the most.
  • Be specific in your answers.  Bland generalizations are, well, bland!  
  • Be succinct with your answers. Interviews become boring if we ramble!

This will make our discussion come alive and engage our listeners.

To make the audio high quality, you can:

  • Do the interview in a quiet room, preferably with soft furnishings to dampen any echo and with great internet
  • Use a dedicated microphone.  Laptop mics, AirPods, and phone mics are not that good for podcasts.  Let me know if you need a microphone, and I'll send you one you can keep.
  • Ensure you are using the up-to-date version of Chrome / Edge
  • Close all other tabs and browsers (the recording can eat up resources)
  • If you are on a laptop, have it plugged in and charging
  • As a backup, we will use QuickTime to record as well, please have the latest version downloaded and ready. It is OK to use the native camera recording on Windows.

One more thing: Toward the end of our interview, I'd like to flip things around and answer a question from you.  Could you let me know ahead of time what your question is, please? My business is helping cybersecurity startups with their positioning, conversion rates, sales decks, selling value, and much more.  You can learn more on my business website.

Looking forward to it!