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Feb. 23, 2022

Why you should not sell what's on the truck

Selling what's "on the truck" does not work at a cybersecurity startup.
Your truck has little on it. So you need to sell what's going to be on the truck in the future.
Many struggle with this because they don't want to mislead (aka lie) to the prospect. They don't want to be "found out".
These are good thoughts but are ultimately limiting.
To be clear: do not lie or mislead!
Cyber security salespeople: the good news is you don't have to! Just be clear about what is vision and what is on the truck right now.
Don't say: we provide secure containers for AWS
Do say: we believe that all your cloud data should be protected using a simple policy and management platform. You should have the confidence that whatever your employees do with data in the public clouds, it will be secure. We started with AWS and currently provide secure containers.