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March 4, 2022

How to find great talent in the cybersecurity sales industry

If you are hiring salespeople, you are finding out right now that job seekers have the power. So how are you tipping the scales in your favor?

Are you...

  1. Acting quickly?
  2. Making them feel wanted?
  3. Ready with a great package?
  4. Having a conversation not interrogating?
  5. Creating a plan for every interview?
  6. Sending a thank you note to the candidate?
  7. Connecting with them during the interview?
  8. Researching your candidate before the interview?
  9. Proactively connecting them with the best sellers in your team?

What did I miss from the list?

BTW - if you start doing these, keep doing them when the market is not as tough. Because it is the right thing to do and will get you better people.