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March 11, 2022

Tips for B2B sellers on connecting better with prospects

Humans buy with emotion, justify with logic. Yes, even in cyber security sales!

It's not called a business JUSTIFICATION by accident. So how do you connect with a prospect's emotional side? These techniques will help. 

  1. Frame problems using emotional words

    • Don't say: revenue is down / costs are up

    • Do say: you are FRUSTRATED that revenue is down / you are STRUGGLING with the rising costs

  2. Label and highlight the emotions you hear from your prospect (hat tip: Chris Voss)

    • Don't say: OK / I'm sorry to hear that

    • Do say: Sounds like you are FRUSTRATED with your flat revenue

  3. Be empathetic, not sympathetic to their plight. Empathize with them, don't pity them.

    • Don't think: I feel sorry for them (sympathy)

    • Do wonder: What must it be like to be going through this (empathy) 

  4. Understand their personal pain. Personal pain, right now, is a big driver for change

    • Don't ask: how is the company affected by this problem

    • Do ask: how is this problem affecting YOU

  5. Understand their personal gain. Personal gain, right now, is also a big driver for change

    • Don't ask: how is the company going to gain from fixing this

    • Do ask: how are YOU going to feel or be viewed once this is fixed

  6. Stories. People connect with stories better than they do with facts & figures

    • Don't just: tell customer stories with business and logical impacts 

    • But also: include how the PERSON at your prospect was experiencing problems, the actions THEY took, and how THEY gained