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March 7, 2022

Reactions to my journey in cyber security sales

1994: you work in sales for a software company, can I get a mouse mat?
1998: a US company, don't they hire and fire quickly?
2000: you are moving to the US? Do you even like Americans?
2009: why do you take the jobs that others don't want?
2012: get out of sales and do enablement, are you nuts? Can you afford to?
2014: going from big co to selling at a pre-product startup, are you nuts? Can you afford to?
2016: are you sure? But the culture...
2019: are you really sure? But it's a dinosaur...
2020: you are going out on your own now? Can you afford to?
2021: are you still doing that consulting and training thing?
2022: we need help, when can you fit me in?

What doesn't make sense to others, can make perfect sense to you.

The well-worn path is not the best path for everyone.

Sometimes where you are is the perfect culmination of what went before.