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March 1, 2022

In B2B Sales, keep it simple…pleeeeease!

Once, after a sales call, the SE I was working with declared "What a great meeting, I was on FIRE!"

I had a different opinion...

In my view, we had left the prospects completely bamboozled.

We had talked too much and completely overloaded the prospect with info on features, options, approaches, processes, possibilities, and new ideas.

We had solved their problems in the same way as if we had sent them a link to Wikipedia in the hope they would figure out the theory of relatively themselves.

Humans can only take in so much at a time.

Tell someone 20 things, they will choose the 5 things they want to remember.

In sales, when we get into the mode of feature dumping, and not solving problems, we lose control over what our prospects remember.

Prospects want to know if we can solve their problems, not whether the product has 97 features and what they all do.

We are at our most effective when we are in control of the 5 things the prospect remembers by only giving them 5 things to remember!

Words matter. How we package them matters. How we explain things matters.

The best salespeople I know are able to simplify. Be concise, but compelling. Know what's truly important to solving a prospect's problem and what isn't.

How can you simplify and be more concise?Simple messaging for sellers