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Feb. 9, 2022

Don't assume your prospect "gets" how amazing your product is

We assume that people understand our amazingness.

Mostly they don't.

Unless you tell them explicitly.

Too often we expect our prospects to "get" the awesomeness of something we just told them. We explain our approach and assume they get that it is new and unique.


We show a capability of our product and assume they get how it will change their lives.

It's like telling someone Mikaela Shiffrin just won a ski race and assuming they know that means she just passed the all-time record number of wins in a single discipline.

It's like telling someone that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just lost a game and assuming they know that it was Tom Brady's last game.

Ensure everyone "gets" what you want them to "get" by telling them.

Do say: our customers tell us that no one else in the market can do that

Do say: this means that if you see the same results as our customers see, you'll shave 11 man-days off your remediation process.

Do say: we hear that this approach is unique.

Be explicit, not implicit