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March 10, 2022

Dan Parelskin, VP of Sales at Axis Security, shares his top 5 Sales GTM tools

Dan Parelskin shares his top sales GTM's that we think you may want to check out.

  1. Conversation Intelligence - Ramp/educate/coach new hires and listen to customers better (we use Chorus.ai, impressed with Gong)

  2. Engagement Automation - Personalized engagement at scale (we use Outreach, impressed with Salesloft)

  3. Contact Intelligence - Accurate contact data and integration at scale (we use Seamless.AI, impressed with Apollo.io and ZoomInfo)

  4. Revenue Intelligence - Easier forecasting for AEs and more visibility for leaders (we use Clari and Kluster, impressed with BoostUp.ai)

  5. Proposal Automation - Proposals in a consistent, informative and "on-brand" wrapper (we use DealHub.io)