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Feb. 11, 2022

Cold calling is dead is a dead stupid thing to say

"Cold calling is dead". Hands down the dumbest saying in sales.

Usually by people who are 1) not in sales, or 2) scared to make a cold call.

The real question to ask is:

"Compared to what?"

What have you tested that is the most effective way to book high-quality first meetings, for you?
- If cold calling is getting you a steady stream of meetings, go for it.
- If email outreach is getting you more meetings than cold calls, go for it.
- If cold calling plus email, plus LinkedIn is working better for you, go for it.
- If getting referrals from your customers is getting you the best conversations, do it!
- If being referred to CIOs by your successful Uncle Marc (Benioff) is working better for you, go for it.

Or if you are overwhelmed by the flood of high-quality inbound, more power to you. (and let us know where you work!)

"Sales" is a huge field. There are millions of people doing B2B sales. Everyone from Abby selling $100m business process outsourcing deals to Fortune 50 CEOs to Billy selling landscape services to small businesses in one zip code.

To declare that cold calling is dead for Abby and Billy and everyone in between is ludicrous.

Every market and territory is different. Test and adapt.