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Oct. 17, 2022

5 ways to be a bold cybersecurity sales person

Bold cyber security sales professionals are never afraid to speak their minds, take calculated risks, or break the mold. They’re also not afraid to ditch their script and wing it when necessary. Instead of playing it safe, they thrive on taking chances and thinking on their feet whenever necessary. But being bold in cyber security sales is about more than just dropping f-bombs occasionally or speaking your mind without hesitation. Standing out as a bold salesperson requires you to think differently about how you approach each prospect from the beginning until the end of the sales process and how you present yourself as an individual brand. If you’re ready to ditch the status quo and become a genuinely bold B2B sales professional, here are five ways you can do so with ease.

Take the path less traveled

To become a truly bold cyber security sales professional, you first have to be willing to take the path less traveled. While it’s easy to follow the same tired old lead generation tactics that have been tried and tested for years, they often have diminishing returns when it comes to closing deals. Becoming a bold B2B sales professional usually requires you to think outside the box, ditch your script, and pursue more creative ways of generating leads and closing more deals. While this may be scary at first, remember that it’s only when you take the path less traveled that you genuinely get to stand out. By taking the path less traveled, you put yourself in a position to truly make a name for yourself as a cybersecurity salesperson. You also position yourself as a go-to salesperson with the skills and knowledge to take on and overcome challenges that other salespeople may shy away from. You also set yourself as a true asset to your company by bringing in more revenue. 

Be transparent with your prospects

Another way to become a truly bold sales professional is to be transparent with your prospects about the sales process. While many cyber security sales professionals adhere to a strict prospecting script, others allow the prospecting stage to play out as a more organic, real-life situation. Becoming a bold salesperson often involves ditching the prospecting script you’ve followed for years and instead allowing the situation to unfold naturally. This means letting the prospecting stage stretch out to the extent it needs to. It also means being willing to accept that some prospects might not be interested in what you have to offer. To become a truly bold salesperson, you have to be willing to let the prospects dictate the terms of the sales process rather than strictly following your prospecting script. This may seem scary initially, but remember that any truly interested prospect will be more than happy to engage with you when they’re ready. 

Change your sales process

Another way to become a bold sales professional is to change your sales process. While many salespeople are taught to follow a strict sales process that’s been proven to work repeatedly, some are willing to change things up to truly stand out. Becoming a truly bold salesperson often means changing your sales process to suit the specific needs of each of your prospects. For example, if you’re following an account-based sales model and are working with a prospect who’s not the decision-maker, you may want to consider changing your sales process to account-based marketing. This means that you focus on building relationships with influencers in the organization rather than on the decision-maker. The change in your sales process may mean that you spend less time with the non-decision-maker, but it also means that you’re much more likely to be successful with this prospect. 

Network and attend events

Another way to become a truly bold sales professional is to network with other professionals and attend events. While many cyber security salespeople love to network and attend events, others may shy away from doing so due to shyness or an introverted personality. Becoming a bold sales professional often means overcoming these barriers and becoming a B2B salesperson who likes to network and attend events. Networking and attending B2B events is more than meeting and greeting other professionals. Instead, it’s about genuinely getting to know these people and positioning yourself as a valuable asset to your industry. It’s also about setting yourself up as an expert in your field and creating opportunities for yourself by bringing people together and hosting events where you can share your knowledge and insights. Networking and attending events is also about positioning yourself as a truly bold sales professional who’s not afraid to network with people in other industries. This will not only help you to stand out from the rest of your peers, but it will also help you to build valuable business relationships and make connections that may come in handy in the future, such as for future job opportunities or partnerships. 

Ditch your script

Another way to become a truly bold sales professional is to ditch your script. While many B2B sales professionals follow a strict script, those who are willing to let go of this script and wing it when necessary stand out. Becoming a truly bold cyber security sales professional often involves ditching your script or, at the very least, loosening your grip on it. This means being willing to break away from the rigid script you’ve followed for years each time you’re on a sales call and instead reacting to each prospect’s specific needs and wants. This means letting go of the script and being willing to allow the prospecting stage to unfold organically. Ditching your script and letting the sales call unfold organically is scary, but it’s also what makes you a bold salesperson. It’s what sets you apart from the rest of your peers and allows you to close more deals. 

Bottom line

Becoming a bold cybersecurity sales professional is no easy feat, but it’s also gratifying. It allows you to truly stand out from the rest of your peers and makes you an asset to your company and your industry as a whole. B2B sales is a competitive industry, so it’s essential that you do everything you can to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. These five ways will help you do just that.