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April 25, 2023

212: Differentiating in a crowded cybersecurity market: the Scribe approach with CEO Rubi Arbel

212:  In this episode of Sales Bluebird, we dive into the world of software supply chain security and the challenges it presents. Rubi Arbel, co-founder and CEO of Scribe Security, sheds light on the limitations of traditional application security solutions and introduces Scribe's innovative approach to software security using evidence collectors. 

We examine the importance of boldly positioning oneself in the market and engaging with the developer community through evangelists, open-source projects, and attending conferences. Additionally, we explore new US regulations coming into effect in 2023 and the impact they will have on the software security landscape. 

Tune in to this episode for a comprehensive overview of software supply chain security and how companies are taking steps to ensure trustworthy code.

[00:05:05] "Startup Solves Software Supply Chain Trust Issues"

[00:08:33] "Revolutionizing Software Security: An Evidence-Based Approach"

[00:13:17] "Creating Secure Coding Policies for Production Success"

[00:15:16] "Focus on Attestations and Provenance technology development"

[00:16:16] "Securing Scribe: Responsibility and Collaboration Across Teams"

[00:18:42] "Scribe: A Unique Software Supply Chain Platform"

[00:20:09] "2023 Regulation Sparks Software Supply Chain Revolution"

[00:25:02] "Software Supply Chain Security: The Future Standard"

[00:34:19] "Scaling up Sales at the Right Time"

[00:43:35] "Importance of Developer Engagement for Swipe"

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