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April 18, 2023

207: The Emergence of Security Platform as a Service Category with Oliver Friedrichs, CEO @ Pangea

207: On this episode of Sales Bluebird, the guest being interviewed is Oliver Friedrichs, founder and CEO of Pangaea. 

Oliver shares his history as a five-time founder, selling his first four companies to larger players in the industry such as McAfee and Splunk. He talks about the need for building trust during the acquisition process, and shares how the success of acquisitions depends on the acquiring company's mature leadership team and repeatable processes. 

Oliver is passionate about solving cybersecurity problems through starting companies and creating valuable solutions. Additionally, he discusses how his current company, Pangaea, offers authentication, authorization, audit, logging, secrets management, and file scanning for malware, and recently launched a partnership with Digital Element. They're expecting to have 24 services by the end of the year, which they believe will accelerate growth. Pangaea is also recognized as innovative and unique for creating a new category called "Security Platform as a service". Oliver believes that equipping developers to secure their code will solve the problem all the way down the development lifecycle. 

The conversation covers various topics such as the importance of partnerships, setting ground rules during the acquisition process, and building trust for continued success.

[00:03:56] "Key Incentives for Retaining Talent in Tech"

[00:06:41] "Wild Valley: Learning from the Dot-Com Boom"

[00:08:03] "Acquisition by Splunk: An Exceptional Experience"

[00:09:31] "Keys to Successful Acquisition: Ground Rules and Trust"

[00:11:43] "Revolutionizing Security for Developers with API Integration"

[00:14:37] "Trustworthy Pangaea Framework: Revolutionizing Security Economics"

[00:18:51] Scaling PLG-led Companies: The Role of Sales

[00:21:41] "Revolutionizing Security with Platform as a Service"

[00:26:41] "Startup's Cryptographic Audit Trail Proves Successful"

[00:28:11] "Partnerships bring world-class threat intelligence to developers"

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