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April 7, 2023

203: Securing the Hybrid Workplace with Dor Zvi, CEO at Red Access

Dor Zvi, cybersecurity entrepreneur and co-founder of Red Access, joins host Andrew Monaghan to share his journey in the secure enterprise browsing market. With a strong background in the cybersecurity industry, Dor and his long-time friend and partner, Tal, identified challenges in the market and developed an innovative agentless platform to protect devices and browsing sessions. Their passion for addressing the needs of a hybrid workforce and their drive to make security more simple, agnostic, and comprehensive have been key to their success.

In this episode, Dor talks about how to: 

1. start building a winning sales team in the cybersecurity arena with expert tips on strategy and staffing. 

2. strike the perfect balance between productivity, security, and user experience in today's fast-paced cybersecurity industry.

3. Fortify your remote workforce with cutting-edge, agentless cybersecurity methods. 

24 Unleash the potential of Red Access's revolutionary cloud platform to boost security and performance. 

My special guest is Dor Zvi

Developing the MVP & Validation
One essential step in building a cybersecurity startup is the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its validation. This involves creating a product or service that addresses a specific market need, while only offering the core features necessary for initial users to provide feedback for further improvement. For cybersecurity startups, ensuring that the MVP provides adequate security while also maintaining user experience and performance is crucial. The validation process involves testing the product with real users, collecting their feedback, and making necessary adjustments to ensure it meets their needs and expectations. In the case of Dor Zvi, Red Access's MVP focused on providing an agentless approach to secured browsing that doesn't compromise user experience or performance. Through a series of tests and iterations, the company was able to arrive at a product that could be used by their first customers. Dor shared that the validation process helped his team overcome setbacks and build a product that ultimately generates interest from potential investors due to its unique architecture and capabilities.

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