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April 4, 2023

202: Revolutionizing OT Cybersecurity with Hardware: Meet Colin Dunn CEO of Fend

Armed with his MBA and mechanical engineering degree, Colin Dunn was determined to solve the critical issue of maintaining aging infrastructure. Little did he know, his journey would take an unexpected turn into the world of cybersecurity and lead to the creation of a revolutionary one-way check valve for data. How will this innovative solution protect customers from cyber threats and revolutionize the industry?

In this episode, you will be able to: 1. Fortify your critical infrastructure using Fend's innovative hardware and software technologies. 2. Enhance customer relationships by comprehending their purchasing behaviors and strategies. 3. Stay ahead of cyber threats by adapting and implementing robust compensating controls. 4. Collaborate effectively with resellers while retaining a strong ethical business foundation. 5. Foster employee motivation and unity by emphasizing a larger, shared mission.

My special guest is Colin Dunn, CEO of Fend

Colin Dunn, a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned mechanical engineer, has successfully navigated the challenges of bringing a hardware product to market in the cybersecurity realm. With an innovative mindset and a keen understanding of the critical infrastructure landscape, Colin has developed a groundbreaking solution that addresses the pressing need for secure and reliable communication in operational technology environments. Drawing from his extensive experience in product development and business strategy, Colin's expertise lies in creating unique solutions to complex problems and empowering teams to excel in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

The topics covered in this episode are:

  • Consider Fend as a solution for securing critical infrastructure and operational technology, as it allows one-way communication, mitigating the risk of outside attacks while still enabling monitoring and alerts.
  • Explore the benefits of Fendcloud, which combines Fend's hardware with cloud-based analytics to provide comprehensive visibility and control over legacy industrial systems.
  • Look into federal funding and startup accelerators for support in developing and launching hardware-based cybersecurity solutions.
  • Research the importance of creating a sustainable business model when developing novel cybersecurity technology solutions.
  • Recognize the value of targeting a niche market, such as critical infrastructure cybersecurity, where the demand for unique and secure solutions is high.
  • Consider focusing on hardware-based cybersecurity solutions that are made in the U.S. to address concerns about foreign-made technology in critical infrastructure.

Tinkering and Progress: Creating simple, scalable, and affordable hardware innovation for data protection.
Cybersecurity has long been a focus for technology researchers and businesses alike. With the rapid digitalization of the world we live in, the need for data protection has never been more important. Traditional software solutions have limitations and with evolving threats, cybersecurity experts are turning to hardware-focused innovations. By creating simple, scalable, and affordable hardware solutions, a demographic that often struggles with the costs and complexities associated with security can be reached more effectively. Colin Dunn exemplifies this approach through his work on data diodes. By identifying an opportunity to improve the usability and affordability of data diodes, which had previously been too expensive and complex for most potential customers, Colin has contributed to the growth of hardware innovation in cybersecurity. Ensuring that these solutions are scalable allows businesses of all sizes to protect their data while also meeting the continuous evolution of cybersecurity challenges.

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