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Feb. 10, 2023

188: How to get first meetings with VC programs, CISO networks, resellers & sales networks

“Brute forcing first meetings is just not working anymore.”

Every cybersecurity startup wants to get more first meetings with prospects, but with 3000+ vendors vying for the same attention, brute-forcing by sending more emails and making more cold calls won't work -- so here are four compelling resources to get out of this daunting dilemma.

Here's what I cover:

1. How to leverage VCs programs to get first meetings with ideal prospects

2. How to use CISO groups and how they charge for access

3. Why some resellers might help you and 2 tricks to getting traction with them

4. What tips to consider when hiring salespeople who can bring a Rolodex of contacts?

“What we really want to be doing is talking with prospects who are more likely to at least be open to our new approach.”

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