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Feb. 7, 2023

187: Why and how you implement value selling with Russell Coleman

Russell Coleman truly epitomizes cybersecurity value selling. It's just in his blood. It's how he operates. And he joined me to share his insight on the importance of value selling frameworks, especially for cybersecurity start-ups. 

Learn in this episode:

  • The importance of 1st level managers' support and driving the adaptation and discipline to stick to the framework
  • The idea of value selling, being a framework, not a piece of content
  • How frameworks lead to major efficiencies 

Russell Coleman on LinkedIn 

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Unstoppable only works with cybersecurity startups and helps you build your own playbooks. These are based on frameworks that have been proven over many years at companies similar to yours. You will find you are guessing much less, converting through the funnel much better, and feeling more confident in reaching your goals. You will grow sales faster.

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