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Jan. 31, 2023

185: A better way to match cybersecurity sales job seekers with hiring managers

Lots of people, maybe even you, are looking for jobs right now.  But finding the right opportunities at the right companies can be incredibly challenging.  There are 3,000 companies in our space which makes it tough to figure it all out.

So I created a job board.  Just for cybersecurity sales jobs.  And just at startups.

There are tons of job boards out there, so how is this one different?

  1. It is curated - I give my commentary on the job/company
  2. It is only cybersecurity companies
  3. It is only for jobs at startups

How to use it as a seeker:

  1. Subscribe to the SBB newsletter to get a weekly digest
  2. Podcast episodes released weekly with commentary on jobs
  3. Go to cybersalesjobs.com to check it out and get alerts

If you are hiring:

  1. Get in front of the only community dedicated to cybersecurity startup sales. Hundreds read the newsletter, and the podcast gets thousands of downloads.
  2. It is free to post a small number of jobs
  3. There are two paid options if you want to get more exposure
  4. Packages are priced right now for early adopters
  5. Go to cybersalesjobs.com  and you’ll see a button “post a job,” and then you are off to the races.

Please share cybersalesjobs.com with anyone looking for a new opportunity or looking to hire great cybersecurity sales talent.  

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