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Nov. 17, 2022

175: Marketing messaging is not sales messaging

Too often companies spend a lot of time and resources on figuring out how to describe what they do on their website.  The straplines, tag lines, and cute sayings.  That may work for websites and email blasts but it doesn’t work for the sales team.  

The difference is marketing does one-to-many and one-way communication.  

Sales does one-to-one and two-way communications.  Sales messaging needs to be deeper, more nuanced, more natural, and more of a conversation.

Too often people confuse marketing messaging and sales messaging.

You'll learn why marketing and sales messaging are different: 

  • One-to-many vs One-to-one
  • Generalized vs Personalized
  • Lead with message vs Lead towards message
  • Superficial vs In-depth conversation

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