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Oct. 14, 2022

165: One powerful tool to improve how you sell and how you get better

What is your sales team doing right now that needs to be improved, what are *your* pain points internally? And how could those be transformed if you took away the concept of abundance, and instead imposed constraints that forced your sales reps to go deeper, think more critically, and tighten their questions, pitches, decks, and presentations?

Use constraints!

In this episode, I offer six examples of constraints that startups could embrace to inject creativity into their sales processes and deliver better outcomes with more agile sales teams. What happens when new ways of thinking uncover the biggest innovations, true key differentiators, and most compelling stories?

Let’s find out.

Today you’ll learn:

  • How sales thinking is driven to be better when it is constrained
  • How to get to clarity more quickly and effectively
  • The power of constraints where money, people, and time are *not* in abundance
  •  How to harness unleashed creativity to boost sales
  • How to manage internal and external constraints to hit more home runs
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