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Sept. 27, 2022

160: Anurag Gurtu, Chief Product Officer at StrikeReady: How to sell a platform

Today we are joined by Anurag Gurtu, Chief Product Officer at StrikeReady. StrikeReady is revolutionizing the way that security people do their jobs by creating CARA, an intelligent system that delivers expert knowledge and completes tasks for the security team. It’s a platform with lots of possible use cases; hard to sell, right?  Or is it…

In this episode you will hear how the StrikeReady sales team...

  • Tackles an account when there are so many possible use cases you solve with a platform
  • Does not target the CISO first and where they start instead
  • Makes the platform relevant at all levels of the security organization
  • Identifies early adopters in the security market
  • Got their first sales hires from their own networks and why that was so important to them