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Sept. 20, 2022

159: Adam Gavish, CEO of DoControl - People don’t sell, people buy.

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DoControl founder and CEO Adam Gavish joins us today with his take on security policy enforcement and how his company is innovating through a people- and problem-first approach.

Gavish is a firm believer in developing rapport and trust upfront. Creating relationships helps him and his team approach engagements from the client’s perspective—the problem they have and how the product can help them. DoControl’s big innovation? Streamlining with a proprietary workflow engine that delivers high visibility with no-code or low-code.

Listen in for a dialogue on collaboration, remediation, and pain points (including internal politics), and find out the best time to bring others into your startup.

You’ll Learn:

o   Why you should treat clients like human beings first and foremost

o   How and why to leverage successes, even small ones

o   Why it’s a good thing to have competitors

o   Why feedback is king

o   Why the window seat is less punishing