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Sept. 13, 2022

158: Abhishek Dubey, CEO of Bolster - Fast time to value = a new deal per week

Digital risk protection is one of the most important pieces of cybersecurity. Expert and Bolster AI CEO Abhishek Dubey joins us today to give us an inside look into this side of the industry and how his company solves digital risk protection problems proactively.

From the importance of accuracy when scaling to how to approach big accounts with sensitivity, Abhishek shares cutting-edge insight on how Bolster does what they do so well. We discuss how they stand out from their competitors, how he scaled his sales team and the impacts of COVID on sales in general.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation on digital risk protection and plenty of tips on how to plan for the future of selling in your company.

You’ll Learn:

  • What Bolster AI does, and how it innovates
  • Why it’s important to handle every account differently
  • How to test out digital risk protection for free
  • Abhishek’s top takeaways from his experience
  • How to plan for the future of your sales team
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