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Aug. 30, 2022

155: Evangelize the problem, not your product

Too many companies are getting it wrong: they’re evangelizing their product, not the problem. When you focus on the problem it solves, you might just revolutionize your approach to the market. 

Shifting your sales and marketing tactics to address your clients’ pain points positions you as an empathetic, human-centered company–and draws in more business. In this episode, I’ll discuss how sales teams can translate the excitement for a new product by establishing what problem it solves and figuring out how to evangelize it to prospects.

I’ll walk through an example of how you can put this technique into practice and what kind of language to use. Join me to learn how to differentiate your company as an expert on the industry, not just your product.

You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to evangelize the problem
  • The key role the sales team plays in this effort
  • How not to “vendorsplain”
  • Examples of how to put this strategy into practice
  • What language to use in a solution-oriented approach
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