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July 28, 2022

146: A break down of 2 companies’ answer to “what do you do?”

2 companies answer the question  “What does your company do?” We break down their responses and offer ideas for how they could have answered the question better.

We are asked about it a lot.  “What does your company do?”  Unfortunately too many times our answers are less than stellar.  Too many times we use buzzwords and are bored. Too many times we confuse our prospect and when that happens we miss a prime opportunity to rise above the noise and be memorable.

But, the good news is there is a simple framework to use that works. The other week we went over the framework of answering these questions, and in this episode we are going over real examples to show how effective it can be.

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You’ll Learn:

  • How NOT to answer “what does your company do?”
  • The framework for answering the question and encouraging interaction
  • How to leave the door open for more conversations
  • Tailoring your response based on your prospect and their needs
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