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July 22, 2022

145: Snehal Antani, CEO at Horizon3, talks about telling the right stories and setting up the right pitch for customers

In this episode, Snehal Antani, CEO at Horizon3, joins us to discuss the journey from business idea to successful business operations. It all begins with identifying a niche enough problem that you can provide a unique solution, yet one that’s widespread enough that enough people need your unique solution. From there, it’s deeply about storytelling. You have to tell a compelling and layered story about your product and build cohesion in brand voice and problem-solving. Once a customer is drawn in by a story, then, they need to be sold on credibility. So the next phase of storytelling involves the right storytellers - brand ambassadors and salespeople with industry cred - and the right audience. Do the people you’re telling these stories fit your criteria?

We also talk about scaling sales and all that entails. You can’t be the only run pitching and driving, or you hit a plateau. So how you set others up in your company to learn the ropes and keep on telling those important stories is going to play a big part in your future growth.

How do you tell your product’s story? How are you getting in front of - and connecting with - the right customers? What are your plans to scale and are you prioritizing consistency? We address all these questions and more in today’s episode.

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You’ll Learn:

  • Deciding on a focused solution
  • The importance of storytelling and the storyteller
  • How to figure out who - and who NOT - to sell to
  • How to scale by setting up systems and prioritizing quality
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