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June 21, 2022

139: Jason Prindle, the Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Big ID, talks about his experience with hyper-personalization along with his four-pronged approach and how to put that approach into real-life

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The world of sales is a crowded one where prospects in your pipeline are flooded with pitches. So the challenge for salespeople is to stand out and to make an impression. A great way to do that? Get hyper-personalized.

Hyper-personalization shows attention to detail right from the start. This lets your prospects know that not only is the sales experience likely to be a smooth one, but that you’ve done your research and are only reaching out to them with a solution that they actually need. The question is how do you approach a hyper-personalized strategy?

In this episode, Jason Prindle, the Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Big ID, takes over the podcast to share his company’s experience with hyper-personalization. He discusses his four-pronged approach (personalization, assumption of pain, proof point and call to action), and how to put that strategy into real-life action. 

How could hyper-personalization help you reach or exceed your various goals? Where can you make your prospecting materials a little more personalized? How specific can you get on solving customer struggles?

Find out in this episode! 

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You’ll Learn:

  • What hyper-personalization is and why it matters
  • The four parts of a hyper-personalized approach
  • Prospect responses and potential obstacles
  • How to frame and present solutions
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