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June 8, 2022

136: Peter Prizio, CEO of SnapAttack talks the value in combining disparate tools to make the lives of red and blue teams easier

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Peter Prizio, CEO of SnapAttack, part of the early stage expo at RSA this week, joins us to talk about the tools to make operations easier in cybersecurity. 

Snap Attack is a product company that has a continuous purple teaming platform. It allows people who work on offensive and defensive cybersecurity to come together and get a new hunt package or deploy alerts to their alerting tools.

Peter tells us that when it comes to describing the problem and pitching the product, it’s all about having coverage and confidence. In a sales conversation, it’s important to show the CISO’s that the attack could happen to anyone, and they can leverage red and blue teams to be able to lower the chances of them having a new threat or breach. 

In this episode, Peter talks about his biggest learnings in the cybersecurity industry, what has been working for SnapAttack with their messaging to prospects and how they were able to leverage collaboration to create better results for their companies. 

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to position your product to a prospect who isn’t as mature
  2. How collaboration can be powerful for cybersecurity businesses 
  3. How SnapAttack product makes operations easier with red teams and blue teams

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