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May 3, 2022

123: Scott McCrady, CEO of SolCyber Managed Security Services talks about the important role MSSP plays in todays cyber security market

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We are in for a treat for today’s episode. Scott McCrady, CEO of SolCyber Managed Security Services joins me today to talk about his incredible story about how he went from being an engineer to switching careers and working his way up in the cybersecurity sales space.

When he left his engineer job to pursue his passion of working in sales, he started his new career with Symantec. While he was there for an entire decade, he was able to bring businesses from zero to helping them create a solid foundation in their Asia Pacific in Japan and Sydney businesses. 

Because of his incredible work, he got asked to come back and run the whole business which at the time, was one of the largest MSSP in the world, with 450 to 500 employees, and six security operations centers around the world.

Later in his career he decided to go somewhere smaller and helped build out FireEye’s MSSP program, both for sales outbound, but also to work with partners and channels.

With years of experience in MSSP, Scott is sharing what he feels like his biggest learnings were, what could be different and what he took from it to make SolCyber Managed Security Services the best in the industry. 

Tune into today's episode where we expand more on Scott’s thoughts on how to cut through the noise in a world where everybody can call themselves an MSSP and rise above it by really delivering results and building your reputation.

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