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April 26, 2022

121: Theo Nasser, CEO at Right-Hand cybersecurity, on ditching corporate sales life and starting a cybersecurity company

On this episode, we sit down with Theo Nassar, CEO at Right-Hand Cybersecurity, to talk about how Theo made a change in his work life and did something a lot of us wish we could or did do. 

Theo started out his journey in cyber as an intern with FireEye and then ended up getting an offer to join them as a Sales Development Representative. Now, 8 years later, he has started a business of his own called Right-Hand Cybersecurity. 

Starting a company is something that Theo had always wanted to do. What it came down to was a conversation between him and his wife about three things…

#1 What were they going to do?

#2 Who were they going to do it with?

#3 Where were they going to do it?

Once he felt confident in the network he had accumulated combined with the problem he had identified, it felt like the right time to take the plunge. 

So what were some of Theo’s first hires? Well, it wasn’t salespeople. He started off with hiring engineers to help build and establish his product. At first, he explains how when making those first hires, whether it was those early engineers or the early people on his go to market team, you’re hiring for a brand that is relatively unknown. Basically, you’re hiring on a vision and you're selling the vision of what you want to do, and the potential you want to unlock. 

His #1 advice he’d give to an entrepreneur looking to hire the first members of their team would be to build in public.

As CEO, Theo continues to make cold calls, do outreach for prospects, and has the discipline to take what he learned during his years as an SDR and apply them to his practice and routine today. 

Tune in to the episode to learn more about Theo’s journey from intern in cybersecurity to being founder and CEO of his own business. 

If you want to get in touch with Theo, the best way is to contact him on LinkedIn or email him at theo@right-hand.ai.com 

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