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April 1, 2022

114: What I would do differently at the beginning of my sales career

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In 1998, I started my sales career in the cybersecurity industry. 

I spent 19 years directly in sales carrying a quota, either as a seller or as a sales leader. Then, I spent about eight or nine years working with sales teams, as a consultant, trainer and coach to help them succeed in the cybersecurity space.

While in my sales career, I qualified for eight out of the 12 President's clubs. By most measures, I did pretty good. I feel reasonably satisfied with how things have gone. 

Now, years after leaving and really looking back on it, there are definitely some things that I would change if I could do it all over again. 

When I speak with my clients, a burning question that many people have is, “what would you do differently in your past sales career if you know what you know now?”

Some people may not want to look back on the past and wish they did something differently. But, there’s a difference between regretting something and thinking of how you can use your experiences to teach and inspire others.

So in this episode, I’m going to break down the four different things that I would have done differently, in hopes that you will be able to take this advice and avoid making these mistakes for yourself. 

If you are a sales leader at a startup, or you're in the sales team, and you're searching for your repeatable scalable sales process to grow sales faster, then please get in touch with me atandrew@unstoppable.do or you can also go to my site at www.unstoppable.do. 

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