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March 29, 2022

113: Denise Hayman, CRO at Sonrai Security talks journey in cyber security and her biggest learnings

Today on the podcast we have our special guest, Denise Hayman, CRO at Sonrai Security.

In this episode, we are talking about her experience in the cyber security industry and learning the different takeaways that she kept from each of her roles in different companies. 

With the pressure to constantly bring in numbers, it’s important to think about what your priorities are and how you will work effectively with them.

Denise tells us that just because someone may have only been successful in one company, it doesn't mean that they can't be successful in a different company, but they need to have the right motivation, the right coachability and the right desire to do something different. 

When it comes to the sales process she experienced in her career, there was a very formal qualification process and a formal kickoff to the POC, that involved socializing with the executives to make sure that there was going to be buy in. 

Denise stresses that having the basics in place is extremely important, and with most companies they are not consistent with keeping up with the process that needs to happen to make sure you’re speaking to the right people in the sales process. 

If you have an open mind about each company to understand what’s going on in each one you will be able to see how you can best use your skill sets to benefit the company. When you rise above the noise and go the extra mile, you will be able to flourish. 

Tune into the episode to hear more about Denise’s experience and how you can implement some of her greatest learnings into your career journey!

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