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March 24, 2022

112: How to help your prospect understand that you have the solution to their problem

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Today, we are talking about one of the ways we can make the whole sales process smoother and quicker. 

Everything we do in the sales world revolves around a problem. After all, the whole reason we are able to sell to anyone is because of a problem someone is trying to solve, right? I want to challenge your thinking here, and ask you this: Have you ever empathized with a prospect over their problem?

I know the quickest response in our minds to a question like that would be, “I know my prospects problem before we even get to a meeting”. 

But, the truth is that sometimes we “know” the problem and mistake that for having a deeper understanding of the problem. If we can master not only finding the problem that each prospect is dealing with but also being able to empathize how that problem is impacting their lives, they are much more likely to believe we have the solution.

If you look at everything you hear from the companies that you work for, I bet you that 80% of it is oriented around the product, the solution, the latest version, the new feature that came out, and we're making ourselves to be the hero of the story. If we are bombarded with these messages, then it's more natural for us over time to end up talking about those things the most.

The bottom line is that prospects buy things from people they trust, and someone they believe has the solution to their urgent need. When we are in the sales process, if we can focus on these things we will be able to make our sales cycle much shorter.

Tune into the episode to learn how you can understand your prospect problems deeply, explain your solution in an intentional way with those understandings, and use great questions to draw the prospect into a meaningful conversation.

If you are a sales leader at a startup, or you're in the sales team, and you're searching for your repeatable scalable sales process to grow sales faster, then please get in touch with me at andrew@unstoppable.do or you can also go to my site at www.unstoppable.do. 

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