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March 3, 2022

107: Chris Smith, CRO at Aqua Security, on 7 steps to hiring great sales talent

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Chris Smith, CRO at Aqua, joins me today to talk about creating a great sales team as a company that’s growing rapidly by being intentional about bringing in the right people.

Chris has been in the cyber sales industry for 30 years and has stayed within the industry for multiple reasons, one of them being how within this career, you're doing something meaningful. Now, as he’s building out his team at Aqua, a cloud native application protection platform, he shares with us his approach he’s taking to ensure he’s making great hires.

  1. Know the profile of who you are going after
  2. Focus on the importance of the alignment to culture 
  3. PR the opportunity 
  4. Augment company searches with agencies 
  5. Prepare questions 
  6. Go the extra mile
  7. Be thorough - reference LinkedIn, check references, etc. 

Tune into today's episode where we expand more on Chris’s journey and his tactics to creating a great sales team by being intentional about bringing in the right people!

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