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Feb. 24, 2022

#105: Jay Wallace, VP of Worldwide Sales at Rumble, talks building a sales team

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Jay Wallace, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Rumble, joins me today to talk about his experience on how someone who didn’t start off in cybersecurity, ended up as VP WW Sales and is now in the process of building up his sales team from the ground up.  

Jay started off working in the world of banking by doing financial advisory work. As time went on, he realized that the path he was on, wasn’t for him. He started to dip into the world of tech, and ended up in the cybersecurity space. Now, in 2022, he is the VP of Worldwide Sales at Rumble. He joined Rumble in March of 2021 as the first Enterprise Sales hire helping to build the sales organization from the ground up.

Tune into today's episode where we expand on the decisions that led Jay to where he is now, how he’s structuring his team, what kind of hires he's looking to make, and what’s coming up for Rumble as they continue to grow.  

Get a hold of Jay (DM onLinkedIn, Email: jay@rumble.run)

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Jay Wallace

Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Rumble