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Feb. 17, 2022

#103: How to use your sales deck effectively

Let’s talk about the part of that first meeting where you describe what you do. 

Your prospect is asking themselves

  • what does your company do? 
  • who are they like that they already know about so they can do a comparison? 
  • who is already working with them? 

This is where we usually pull out a presentation deck. Unfortunately, this deck has become synonymous with pitching and your prospects are apprehensive about salespeople pitching at them.  The thing is we are all humans and we often communicate better using visuals. 

So, let's go over 5 ways to use your deck effectively: 

  1. Start every slide with something about the prospect 
  2. Have the mindset to make it a conversation, not a pitch
  3. Have specific intentional questions for each slide 
  4. Ease your prospect’s mind
  5. Make sure that you start strong and impactful at the start


Tune into today's episode where we expand more on these points and what you can do to make sure you’re using your deck effectively!

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