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Feb. 15, 2022

#102: Bob Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Revelstoke Security, on how a sales leader becomes CEO of a cybersecurity company

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Bob Kruse, CEO and founder of Revelstoke Security, joins me today to talk about his experience and success in the cybersecurity sales world and how that has led him to where he is today as founder of a cybersecurity company. He tells us the journey he has gone through from building a successful sales resume to becoming a CEO and what has kept him in cybersecurity for so many years

Bob began his career at F5 Networks in March 2002. He was drawn in by the human element of cybersecurity, or as he calls it the “cyber who done it”! He’s been able to watch this space evolve which has allowed him to advance and grow with it. Now in 2022, he continues in the field leading a company he co-founded. He talks about the transition from sales manager to CEO and founder and how he’s structuring his own team. 

Tune into today's episode to learn more about Bob, his journey and what’s coming up with Revelstoke as it continues to grow this year!


Want to get a hold of Bob? You can reach him at bob@revelstoke.io.  


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Bob Kruse

CEO, Co-Founder at Revelstoke Security